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Quality Policy

Inspiring Company Mission Statement


Company main goal is to supply our customer’s quality products as competitive prices and timely delivery. • Continuous improvement in Quality, Service and timely deliveries to exceed customer satisfaction. • Efficient utilization of resources such as technology, human resource and raw material. • Training to employees to improve their skills and knowledge. • To induct a philosophy “It is the quality of our work which will please God and not the quantity…”

Automate & Simplify The Whole Process

Quality Policy

Superior quality is the primary concern at Dharma Brass Industries, we strictly adhere to stringent quality management systems in order to facilitate an error free production from every stage our entire manufacturing process is monitored by a team of well professionals having years of experience behind them.

It is our policy to manage our manufacturing activities in an environmentally responsible and lawful manner, so that there is no harmful effect to the environment.

In particular, we will: 1. We will reduce and minimize any air, water and noise pollution arising from manufacturing activities. 2. Optimize utilization of raw-material and non-renewable resources. 3. Actively pursue efforts towards waste minimization. 4. The Management of DBI is committed to provide both safe working conditions and protection against health risks to all its employees.

Management Organizations


We have developed extremely flexible factory environment to enable us to react fast to the customer as queries and requirements. We have team of dedicated engineers, management expert, tool makers and shop floor workers for serving any kind of customer requirements. We supply with assemblies with plastic, rubber & sheet metal (stamping metal) parts.

The Ability to Perform


• Processing material : Brass & Special copper alloy such as BS2874, CZ121, CuZn 39Pb3, UNS 36000, BS249 Etc., • Machining Facilities : Brass bar & Machine on Automatic lathe, Sliding head machine, rotary multi-operation machines, Press. • Raw Material Section : We have in house raw material extrusion plant with material testing lab. • Additional scope of work : Complete assemblies with plastic & rubber parts and also stamping parts. • Process Range : 1mm To 35mm Diameter, with any international thread standard.